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标题: 2014年英语专八考试翻译练习题汇总(下) [打印本页]

作者: 流舞    时间: 2013-12-28 15:32     标题: 2014年英语专八考试翻译练习题汇总(下)

It is in virtue of his own desires and curiosities that any man continues to exist with even patience, that he is charmed by the look of things and people, and that he wakens every morning with a renewed appetite for work and pleasure. Desire and curiosity are the two eyes through which he sees the world in the most enchanted colours: it is they that make women beautiful or fossils interesting: and the man may squander his estate and come to beggary, but if he keeps these two amulets he is still rich in the possibilities of pleasure.
  正是因为希望与好奇,我们才会以加倍的耐心继续生存,才会着迷于纷繁复杂、多姿多彩的人或事,早晨醒来才会以崭新的热情投入新一天的工作和娱乐。希望和好奇是人观看这绚丽迷人的世界的一双眼睛:正是这双眼睛使得女人美丽妩媚,又使顽石妙趣横生 。一个人可以倾家荡产,沦为乞丐,可是只要他还有这两个“护身符”,他就仍然可能拥有无限的欢乐。
作者: 流舞    时间: 2013-12-28 15:32

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